Bags and Netbook sleeves


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Netbook sleeves

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Custom Bags

Choose the customized bag that you need. Shirtbird provides a super variety, including the Tote Bag; the Gym Bag, which is water-resistant; the Sports Bag, which offers space for your gym items; the Backpack; the Shoulder Bag; the Retro Bag; or the Carrier Bag, which has a front zip cover and two compartments.

Brief Case Messenger Bag

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Eco-Friendly Cotton Tote

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Messenger Bag by Timbuk2

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Custom Notebook Sleeves

You’ll appreciate the protective, custom notebook sleeves at Shirtbird. Discover the Notebook Sleeve which is 12”; the Laptop Sleeve that is 15”; the Shoulder Bag, perfect for the office or school; and the iPad Sleeve with velcro instead of zippers. These notebook sleeves offer a winning combination of style and durability.

Small Laptop Case

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Notes about Bag Printing

  • Who uses custom bags and notebook sleeves?

    Anyone who likes smart-looking, high quality items will appreciate our custom bags and notebook sleeves. When you use a personalized bag or notebook sleeve that you created, you will see that it is built for efficiency. Discover both classic and modern colors. Choose standard colors such as light brown and black, plus colors like golden yellow and neon pink. Our customized bags and notebook sleeves are popular with anyone who prefers great, functional style. People who enjoy practical fashion will love to use our printed bags and notebook sleeves. If you’re looking for reliable durability, then our make-your-own bags and notebook sleeves are an excellent choice for you.
  • What can I print on bags and notebook sleeves?

    Fantastic designs, text, and photos can be printed on our custom bags and notebook sleeves. You’ll enjoy this opportunity to express yourself. Choose from a collection of over 15,000 images at Shirtbird. The fifteen design categories include animals (like horses and forest animals); music; vehicles like cars, motorcycles, or bicycles; careers; religion; politics; cities and countries; sports, and more. If text is what you prefer, you can print any text on your custom bag or notebook sleeve. Discover the possibilities. Feature photos on a bag or notebook sleeve. Upload the photo, and remember that it has to be at least 50 x 50 pixels, and no more than 4000 x 4000 pixels. Create custom bags and notebook sleeves that are dynamic or understated.
  • For what occasion do I need a custom bag or notebook sleeve?

    Any occasion is a fantastic time for customized bags and notebook sleeves. When you give a printed bag or notebook sleeve as a birthday gift, you’ll give a super present. What are practical presents to give during the winter holidays, or graduations? Customized bags and notebook sleeves that you create with your unique ideas! Printed bags and notebook sleeves can be styled for one person or for a group. When a friend or family member has achieved something special, give them a custom bag or notebook sleeve to say “Congratulations.” Group travel tours, charity events, office parties and sporting events can become even more fun with custom bags and notebook sleeves. You can also personalize bags and notebook sleeves for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Canada Day, Mothers Day or Fathers Day. Celebrate Family Day with customized bags and notebook sleeves as well.
  • I can’t find a bag or notebook sleeve I like. What other products do you have?

    There are many extraordinary items to choose from at Shirtbird. Find top-of-the-line clothing such as Jackets and Polo Shirts, as well as accessories like ties, umbrellas, and teddy bears. Everyone loves receiving fashionable gifts that were created at Shirtbird. When you print designs, text and photos on all these items, you’ll see why Shirtbird is so popular!
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