Caps and Hats

Experience the fun of creating customized hats and baseball caps. You can select the Baseball Cap with an adjustable metal buckle; the Baseball Cap with an elastic band; the Winter Cap; the Kids’ Baseball Cap; and the Baby Organic Cap by American Apparel, made of 100% organic cotton.

Kids' Baseball Cap

Design Your Own Product

Flat Brim Baseball Cap

Design Your Own Product

Notes about Cap Printing

  • Who wears custom Hats & Baseball Caps?

    Our custom hats and baseball caps are popular with people who prefer the very best. If you like flexible comfort, you’ll love our customized hats and baseball caps. Choose colors that are classic or modern. Would you like a standard color such as white, red or blue? Shirtbird has those and much more. You’ll also find colors like Camouflage, Mirror Ball, Glow in the Dark and Gold Glitter. Our customized hats and baseball caps are popular with those who enjoy casual comfort. People who appreciate versatile practicality will love to wear our printed hats and baseball caps. If you’re looking for just the right fashion, make-your-own hats and baseball caps are the right fit for you.
  • What can I print on a Hat or Baseball Cap?

    Your favorite designs, text, and photos can be printed on a custom hat and baseball cap. Transform great quality hats and caps into unique creations! Choose from over 15,000 images at Shirtbird. Design themes include sports, music, vehicles, careers, religion, politics, countries, animals like birds and sea creatures, and more. If you prefer to print text on your custom hat or baseball cap, it’s easy to do so. Photos can also be uploaded and featured on hats or baseball caps. Photos should be no less than 50 x 50 pixels, and no more than of 4000 x 4000 pixels. Add everything you always wanted to custom hats and baseball caps.
  • For what occasion do I need a custom Hat or Baseball Cap?

    Birthdays are a super opportunity to give customized hats and baseball caps. When you give a printed hat or baseball cap as a birthday gift, friends and family will be glad you did! What are super presents to give during holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan or Kwanza? Customized hats and baseball caps that you create with your artistic ideas! Uniquely printed hats and baseball caps can be styled for one person or for a group of people. Group travel tours, charity events, and sporting events can become special gatherings with custom hats and baseball caps. You can personalize hats and baseball caps for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Canada Day, Family Day, Mothers Day or Fathers Day. Celebrate Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve with customized hats and baseball caps as well.
  • I can’t find a Hat or Baseball Cap I like. What other products do you have?

    Shirtbird is an extravaganza of great items. Hoodies and Sweatshirts, Polo Shirts, and Long Sleeve Shirts are only some of the products you will find here. You can customize our clothing and accessories just the way you want to. Do your gift shopping at Shirtbird and give presents that friends and family will love!
  • Do you have more questions?

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